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At age three you can enroll your child at Elite Providers to begin his/her Reading Path Plan.  We work with your child even at age three to prepare him/her for a lifelong academic success. 
We implement highly developed Pre-K and K-4 resources designed and proven to develop literacy and comprehension skill needed to become a successful reader for a lifelong academic journey. We engage your child in many beginners reading and worksheet that prepares your child  to compete successfully with his peers.  Your child will improve and progress systematically from recognizing and decoding words to reading, understanding and comprehending successfully.

Ages 3+ years

What makes Us Different from other reading programs

Give your Child the gift of Reading to

Enhance and Advance academic success for School and for Life

Ages 12+ years                                                 K6-12 grade

We help your child to read and comprehend above their grade level with our proven

Reading Path Plan

Ages 3 to 11 

We HELP your child to be resilient in reading and  ADVANCE to compete with his/her peers

We APPROACH your child as a special child with potential to become a prominent reader.  
We ASSIST your child To ACCEERATE in reading for a lifelong academic success. 
We CHALLENGE your child to bring out his/her best, and  EMPOWER him/her to become astute future leaders

 up to 5th Grade  

What are you waiting for?

What do you Gain from Elite Providers Reading Path Plan

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Everything Starts With Reading

Begin Giving your Child the gift of Reading 

to Enhance and Advance his/her 

Academic Success for School and for Life

Phonemic Awareness                Phonics                        

Sight Word Study and Spelling

Fluency Reading
Vocabulary Building                   Reading Aloud 
Comprehension                         Summary

Sentence Building                               
Home Work Support

Summer Book Camp