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Motivated to read

​Our mission: 
Our mission is to help children read and comprehend proficiently above their grade level as well as mentor youth and at-risk youth to become more productive, successful, and employable.

Our vision:
The aptitude of reading proficiently, comprehending effectively, and thinking critically is vital to child growth and youth development. Therefore, we envision to impact the next generation through the creation of Reading Groups, Mentoring groups, Reading Centers, and Libraries that foster an extremely effective reading and mentoring. Our vision does not only produce high level students but withal, helps to train the younger generation to become astute future leaders.

​Who We Are:
Elite Providers is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization or (Non Governmental Organization) NGO created with a common goal to instill the love of reading in the minds of  children for a life-long academic success, as well as mentor youth to become more productive, successful, and employable in their community for a life-long academic success. We are also dedicated in providing basic educational materials essential for children in underprivileged communities to help develop reading competency that is essential for academic achievements.

What We Do:
We believe Everything Starts With Reading so we offer one-on-one Reading Path Planning, set up reading groups, mentoring groups, reading centers, and libraries to help children with poor reading skills learn to read proficiently above their grade level. Our reading program is particularly designed to improve children's reading speed, their comprehension abilities, and the length of time children are able to concentrate on a particular subject. 

We also create libraries in underdeveloped communities whose children have no access to reading materials.  We provide basic educational materials such as text books, story books, novels, e-books, tablets, and computers to help students develop reading competency that is essential for academic achievements.

Our reading program is designed for Pre-Kindergarten and elementary school students whilst our mentoring program is purposely for middle and high school students who need a helping hand.
​Our program is set to approach every student as a special being with potential to grow as a prominent future leader.  We challenge students to bring out their best, and empower them to become astute future leaders.

Where We Are:
We are currently serving children and youth in Georgia communities as well as internationally in Ghana-West Africa

Elite Providers is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping children read and comprehend above their grade level. 

Our reading program is designed specifically for Pre-kindergarten to fourth grade.

We motivate and encourage regularly, on the importance of daily reading through our Reading Path Plan Program. 

We urge every child to--
Read with Love, Grow with Knowledge, Succeed with Joy, and Lead with Excellence.

Our goal is to create a warm, open environment where students feel safe enough to read, ask questions, explore, and seek answers. Additionally, we challenge every student to surpass his or her own personal best.  

Elite Providers is particularly proud of its diversity and takes every opportunity to celebrate those characteristics that make us different. We warmly welcome parents, educators, students, leaders, and volunteer who want to be part of this exciting journey.


                                                                                    WE BELIEVE:

EVERYTHING STARTS WITH READING:At Elite Providers we believe children who read proficiently at their grade level not only exhibit stronger beginning academically but rather become more successful in both school and life. 

A READING CHILD IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ADULT: We believe helping children to read proficiently above their grade level is essential to child development and growth, as well as the core element to ensure the success of children for a lifelong academic success.   

EVERY CHILD CAN READ IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY: Therefore, we provide each child with a Reading Path Plan that offers a strategic, personalized plan, geared towards the child's ability to understand and retain information for a successful reading.  

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