What would your child achieve from the Reading Path Plan?

 We meet three times

in a week with your child. 

We guide your child through

 his/her personalized Reading Path Plan helping your child to read like a rocket. We also motivated your child to complete extra reading assignments

away from a tutor

Our Proven
Reading Path Plan
will help your child become a better reader for a lifetime academic success.
Everything Starts With Reading



Your child is not Reading fluently,  

Your child is Comprehending below his/her grade level,

If your child's reading challenges are affecting other school work and grades,  a Reading Path Plan will be good for your child. 

We will stand by to help your child to become a better reader. Remember, Everything Starts With Reading.  We are here to create a personalized Reading Path Plan tailored to your child's reading needs. We will create a customized reading plan to help your child read and comprehend above his grade level.  We introduce your child to phonological 

Awareness, Phonics, Word Recognition, Fluency, Vocabulary,  Reading Comprehension, sentence building etc. that is essential for a successful reader.  Even if the reading is affecting your child in other subjects, do not worry, we are here to help. Regardless of your child's reading level or skill, we will assist him/her with the tools and techniques needed to alleviate your him/her to become a better reader and to excel in all other subjects. Sign today and schedule for your free consultation.


We Assess Your Child's 
Reading Skills


The success of a child depends on the foundation of that particular child. Children who read proficiently at their grade level indicate a stronger beginning academically and become more successful in school and in life.  Education is

As claimed by the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) in 2015, 66 percentage of Georgia students are reading below grade level by the end of third grade (Reference NAEP).  This shows that many children are lacking the support of early foundation reading.

At Elite Providers, we believe helping children to read proficiently above their grade level is essential to child development and growth, as well as the core element to ensure the success of children for a lifelong academic success.   Elite Providers promise to assist each child in the program to meet their learning benchmarks for their grade, through our reading and mentoring program. 

We create a one-on-one,


Reading Path plan

tailored to target your child's area of reading difficulty.

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                                                                                    WE BELIEVE:

EVERYTHING STARTS WITH READING:At Elite Providers we believe children who read proficiently at their grade level not only exhibit stronger beginning academically but rather become more successful in both school and life. 

A READING CHILD IS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ADULT: We believe education is the bedrock to a child's chance at any opportunity to rise from poor circumstance. We believe helping children to read proficiently above their grade level is essential to child development and growth, as well as the core element to ensure the success of children for a lifelong academic success. 

EVERY CHILD CAN READ IF GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY: Therefore, we provide each child with a Reading Path Plan that offers a strategic, personalized plan, geared towards the child's ability to understand and retain information for a successful reading :   

After your child work with us, he/she will able to read and comprehend above his/her grade level. Your child will  read smoothly and  fluently.  He will  understand what he reads and comprehend successfully.

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How do Elite Providers provide daily support for your child?

We believe one size does not fit all that's why we are passionate about creating one-on-one 

Reading Path Plan customized and tailored towards the need of your child 


We Create a Personalized Reading Path Plan

Elite Providers Reading Path Plan will guide your child to

Read for meaning

Read for understanding

Read for Comprehension


Read for Life

Did you know that early literacy concept can determine the level of children’s reading achievements for a life-long academic success? Some of these concepts include phonics, recognizing letters, decoding, reading fluency and comprehension abilities etc.  Schedule for your free assessments to help you decide if your child need assistance that help him/her read and comprehend above his/her grade level.

We focus on a Personalized  Reading Path Plan (RPP) that help your child to develop the aptitude of reading, for a lifelong academic success.

We Give your Child the gift of Reading to

enhance and advance His academic success for School and life.
One Child at a Time

Elite Providers Reading/mentoring Youth Mentoring Program

As part of our commitment,

we continually review and evaluate your child's progress. We also offer to follow up with children's teacher to see how best we can further assist your child's performance at school.

Your child is Reading but having difficulties in decoding, fluency, pronunciation, comprehending etc. Halt -- We are here to help your child read fluently, meaningfully, and be able to comprehend successfully.  Everything starts with reading and we are ready to assist your child to read and comprehend above his/her grade level.

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We Provide Continuous Assessment and follow-up