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We can help your to read and comprehend proficiently above his/her grade level

We can advance your child's

confidence in reading for

life and for better grades and

a lifelong academic success 

Elite Providers give your child a promising beginning with reading success. 

We empower your child to read and comprehend above their grade level

We go an extra mile with your child in every step of the way.  We guide and help your child through homework assistance and projects from school. Get Started

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Ages 10+ years

Our reading program is designed for children from Pre-Kindergarten through Fourth Grade, we assist your child by providing structured guidelines that will aid your child to become an excellent reader. Knowing that everything starts with reading, we can assist your child to become a fluent and dedicated reader leading to a successful outcome in other subjects. 

Elite Providers program is geared towards aggressive reading that aid your child with poor reading skills learn to read proficiently above their grade level. We can guide your child to improve his/her reading speed, comprehension abilities, and the length of time children are able to concentrate mentally on a particular subject. 
Our reading program is structured either through a one-on-one session or in small groups.

Ages 3 - 9 years

Elite Providers creates the reading skills

that can build a lifetime of academic success.

Elite Providers Reading Program is specifically designed to help children improve their reading skills necessary to help your child develop a lifelong aptitude for reading for academic achievements.

We meet three times in a week with your child, we guide your child through his/her personalized Reading Path Plan progress work helping him/her to read like a rocket. We also motivated your child to complete extra reading assignments away from a tutor.

Your child will work at his or her own pace, mastering each new reading concept before moving on. With each worksheet, your child’s overall reading and writing skills will advance incrementally.

Elite Providers tutors focus on your child's customized Reading Path Plan making sure they guide your child to master the reading. Systematically,  your child will overcome his/her reading difficulties, and read above his/her grade level.

Everything Starts With Reading