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Success Stories

Josephine K.

After going through childcare and first grade, my daughter was unable to read properly when she was in second grade.  When I found out about Elite Providers Reading and Mentoring, I immediately called them and signed my daughter up to receive their one on one tutoring.  After six months of consistent tutoring, my daughter was able to read and comprehend very well in class and at home.  She began performing well in the other subjects.  I am proud of the decision I made and recommend Elite Providers Reading and Mentoring to parents who need assistance with their children reading.

Florence W.

I am excited about the services provided by Elite Providers Reading and Mentoring, my son was reading below grade level and through the many support and advice given by their tutors/mentors, my son is reading very well now.  He is also comprehending and doing well in many other subjects. If you need assistant with your child, consider contacting Elite Providers Reading and Mentoring.  They helped my son to catch up with his class and now perform extremely well in school.

George  M.
My son was struggling in high school with decision making and needed some mentoring.  I was referred to Elite Providers Mentoring; I took my stand to immediately contact them for assistance.  They mentored and coached my son through the right path. Today my son is in college and enjoying what he is doing.  I strongly recommend Elite Providers Mentoring to parents who have middle or high school students who are struggling with decision making or struggling in school to immediately contact them. They have helped my son and now I am a proud father – they will help you too.